Simple peptide reconstitution and dose calculator
PepCalc is an easy to use peptide calculator app that determines how many milligrams (mg) of research peptides are in each unit or tick mark of an insulin or tuberculin (non-insulin) syringe after reconstitution. It's the easiest way to accurately calculate peptide doses!
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PepCalc Peptide Calculator Features

Units? Micrograms? Milliliters? Tick marks? Frustrated? Calculating accurate peptide doses can be difficult and frustrating. It doesn’t have to be. PepCalc makes peptide calculator math simple.

Syringe type selection

Choose between U100 and U40 insulin syringes and PepCalc will automatically set the correct volume, or select tuberculin (non-insulin) syringe to get complete control of the inputs
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Fully configurable parameters

Specify units, tick marks, quantity of peptide, volume of sterile or BAC (bacteriostatic) water, and desired dose
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Easy to follow results panel

Displays the number of tick marks or units to draw as well as the number of doses available in the vial
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Multi-peptide blend support

Optionally add multiple peptides to a vial and PepCalc will calculate and display their corresponding amounts per dose
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Saved last calculation

Last input values are remembered so they appear the next time the app is opened. No more unnecessary retyping!
PepCalc saved peptide dose calculations

Top-rated Peptide Dose Calculator App

PepCalc is receiving praise from doctors, biohackers, and health & wellness enthusiasts around the world!

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“Even with a strong medical background, I find calculating doses for peptides tricky. This app is such a great idea and powerful tool!”

- Dr. Amy Killen
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“I've been waiting for something like this for years. Having to do the math gets exhausting. This app just made my life so much easier. Thank you developers!”

- Apple App Store Review
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“I'm new to peptides and HGH and this app helps me so much. Best money spent. Thank you so much for making this!”

- Google Play Store Review

“Cured my frustrations within 15 seconds of using the app. Website calculators are trash and overly complicated.”

- Apple App Store Review

“I honestly cannot say enough or thank you guys enough for this app! Litterallly a LIFE SAVER! Pepcalc makes everyone at ease. It is so easy to use once I showed my wife all the worry was gone of her maybe making a mistake!”

- Google Play Store Review

“Love this app! I use it almost daily to make sure I'm drawing out the precise dose for my peptides!”

- Apple App Store Review